News (2020)

11 July 2020

Two in a roll! Congratulations to Purit Phan-udom, Naruedon Wattanakul, Tattiya Sakulniwat for getting their senior project work titled “Teddy: Automatic Recommendation of Pythonic Idiom Usage for Pull-Based Software Projects” published as a tool demonstration paper at the 36th International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME).

The work published is an automated tool, called Teddy, that promotes the usage of Pythonic idioms. The tool offers a prevention mode with Just-In-Time analysis to recommend the use of Pythonic idiom during code review and a detection mode with historical analysis to run a thorough scan of idiomatic and non-idiomatic code. More info can be found at the study website

4 July 2020

We’re super glad to announce that our student internship work “JITBot: An Explainable Just-In-Time Defect Prediction Bot“ with Dr. Chakkrit Tantithamthavorn and Jirayus Jiarpakdee at Monash University is accepted at the tool demo track of Automated Software Engineering (ASE) 2020 conference! The work presents a just-in-time (JIT) GitHub bot that analyzes commits in a pull request and give a defect prediction with explanations 😎.

Congratulations to Chaiyakarn Khanan, Worawit Luewichana, Krissakorn Pruktharathikoon! The video demo is shown below. Preprint to be available soon. More info can be found at the study website:

3 January 2020

We are happy to welcome Assoc. Prof. Hoa Khanh Dam from the Decision System Lab at UOW, Australia, to our Faculty of ICT to discuss research work and future education and research collaborations with SERU. He was also our first guest in 2020 for the Café SERU#4. He gave a talk on the topic of “AI4SE (Artificial Intelligence for Software Engineering).”

News (2019)

1 November 2019

The work from 4 student interns (Noppadol, Tattiya, and Thanadon at NAIST, and Vara at University of Bremen) are accepted for publication at the 10th International Workshop on Empirical Software Engineering in Practice (IWESEP 2019)! The topics include

  • Software Team Member Configurations:A Study of Team Effectiveness in Moodle
  • Visualizing the Usage of Pythonic Idioms Over Time: A Case Study of the with open Idiom
  • Improving Clone Detection Precision using Machine Learning Techniques
  • How Do Contributors Impact Code Naturalness? An Exploratory Study of 50 Python Projects.

29 August 2019

Dr. Chaiyong presented his work “Toxic code snippets on Stack Overflow”, which is a joint work with Dr. Jens Krinke from UCL (UK), Dr. Matheus Paixão from Ceará State University (Brazil), Guiseppe Bianco and Dr. Rocco Oliveto University of Molise (Italy), at The 27th ACM Joint European Software Engineering Conference and Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (ESEC/FSE) 2019 in Tallinn, Estonia. The work has been published in Transactions on Software Engineering (TSE) and accepted at the conference for a journal-first presentation. The preprint of the paper can be found here.

21-22 August 2019

Dr. Chaiyong and Dr. Morakot visited NAIST to be external examiners for two SE master’s students. They also discussed further collaborations on both the internship and future research collaborations with the NAIST team.

July-August 2019

Dr. Morakot Choetkiertikul was on a research visit at University of Wollongong (UoW), specifically at the DSL Decision Systems Lab / Center for Software - Engineering where he graduated (with the best thesis award!), working on his latest research project idea. He also paid a visit at Google Australia with a possibility for further collaborations.

11 May 2019

The SERU team has completed the “ISO/IEC 29110 and ISO/IEC 15504 (33000) Expert for Consult, Auditor and Lecture Training Course (2018)”, passed the qualifying exam, and received the certificate. We are now eligible for being a consultant of the ISO 29110 certification!

23 Apr 2019

Congratulations to our 3 to-be internship students, Thanadon Bunkerd; Noppadol Assavakamhaenghan; and Tattiya Sakulniwat (photos below), who are going to work in the SE lab at NAIST. They received the Scholarship for Undergraduate Student Mobility Program from Mahidol University (30,000 THB) to support their stay in Japan this summer.

14 Mar 2019

Dr. Chaiyong Ragkhitwetsagul, Dr. Morakot Choetkiertikul and Asst. Prof. Dr. Thanwadee Sunetnanta have been awarded the Newton Fund (Industry Academia Partnership Programme - 18/19 from the Royal Academy of Engineering, UK) on the project “Automated Software Engineering for Thailand’s Software Industry”.

The SERU team from Thailand side (Mahidol) will partner with Dr. Jens Krinke (UCL), Dr. Federica Sarro (UCL), and company from the UK side to transfer the knowledge and expertise in automated software engineering (ASE) from the UK to Thailand.

The research team (SERU + UCL) will work with four rising stars in Thai software companies (ProGaming, Zwiz.AI, Course Square, Trinity Roots) on identifying the gaps in their software development projects/processes, organising series of workshops and trainings, and observing the improvements after adopting state-of-the-art ASE tools/techniques into their companies. We hope that this 2-year project will enhance the quality of the software and the development process of Thailand’s software industry.

9 Feb 2019

Congratulations to Dr. Morakot Choetkiertikul and Dr. Chaiyong Ragkhitwetsagul, the delegates from Software Engineering Research Unit (SERU), Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), for their first step in establishing research and teaching collaborations for Industry 4.0 between the University of Wollongong (UOW) and Mahidol University by successfully securing the UIC grant lead by the UOW team.

News (2018)

21 Dec 2018

Pacawat recieves 160,000 YEN from Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) and 25,000 Baht from MU Internship Shcolarship to support his internship at NAIST.

5 Dec 2018

Supatsara Wattanakriengkrai, our undergrad SE student under the supervision of Asst. Prof. Dr. Thanwadee and Dr. Morakot received the best paper award for her work “Identifying design and requirement self-admitted technical debt using N-gram IDF” at IWESEP2018. Congratulations!

8 Nov 2018

Dr. Pattanasak Mongkolwat, Dean of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Mahidol University signed the Memorandum of Agreement on the SEED-Net: Software Engineering Higher Education Network, at the Faculty of Informatics, Burapha University.

5 Nov 2018

Asst. Prof. Dr. Raula Gaikovina Kula from SE lab at Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan visited the SERU team and the Faculty of ICT, Mahidol University (MUICT) in Salaya campus.

Dr. Kula joined the kick-off meeting for the future SE collaborations between MUICT and NAIST and also gave a talk about his previous work on “On Updating Library Dependencies in Open Source Sofware Projects” in our faculty’s PhD seminar session.

3 Nov 2018

The SERU team joined the NAIST and Thai Universities for Research and Education Collaboration Symposium 2018 at KU HOME, Kasetsart University along with students and professors from Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST), Chulalongkorn University, and Kasetsart University.

The workshop aims to share the Activities and outcomes of the intern students from Thai universities and for strengthening further research collaborations.

There were three students from the Faculty of ICT, Mahidol University who presented their work at the workshop including: Nappaphol Siriphun (Distinguish Drones by using Sound), Supatsara Wattanakriengkrai (Identify Design and Requirement Self-Admitted Technical Debt using N-gram IDF – accepted at IWESEP 2018! See the paper here), and Napat Srisermphoak (Useful or Not? Code Review Comment Classification).

27 Oct 2018

Paper on Identifying design and requirement self-admitted technical debt using N-gram IDF (collaborate with NAIST) has been accepted to the 9th International Workshop on Empirical Software Engineering in Practice (IWESEP 2018). See the preprint at the publications page.

27 Sep 2018

The SERU website is now live!